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    We are one of the nation’s leading flavor industry recruiters; we have been building our network of flavor industry  applicants for 25 plus years.   Whether you are looking to hire a great flavor applicant or wanting to make a successful career change, RFS Flavor Recruiters will guide you through the path to success.   We recruit executives and technical people in the areas of flavorists, flavor chemists, perfumers, ingredients, extracts, organics etc, exploratory/discovery research, specialist engineering, food science, genetic engineering, biotechnology compounding, formulating, design, packaging engineering, hard-to-handle ingredients, environmental regulation, sustainability, health & safety, manufacturing, quality assurance/control, engineering, etc.

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We will find that "Perfect Match" for your Companies Culture

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    We at RFS understand that while the technical career match is important in finding the right applicants for your flavor industry job order, it is also important to hire applicants that will match the culture of your company. We will find multiple well qualified applicants for your open position,  and then we will help you pick the best candidate to hire that will help your company grow.

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     We have our own Google Ranking jobs boards for career terms such as: flavor jobs, flavorist jobs, and flavor chemist jobs; having our own jobs boards provides us with a very rich flavoring industry applicant database.

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    We recruit people in the areas of flavor jobs, flavorist jobs, and flavor chemist jobs.   As one of the nations leading flavor recruiters, we have been recruiting in the flavor industry for twenty five plus years, so we have a very deep and comprehensive database of candidates.  Our Google Ranking Flavor Jobs Boards increase the depth of our applicant database.

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   Guided by the principles set forth by our founder Rose Fanta, our dedicated team knows that helping flavor companies grow is about providing excellent applicants. Our flavor recruiters take a very hands on approach; we will be by your side throughout the entire process so you can enhance your companies success with excellent people.   We network with other flavor industry recruiters and recruit by good old fashioned hard work.   Give us a try, We Promise that you won’t be Disappointed! Email us at: or call 708-485-3535

Past Flavor, Flavorist, Flavor Chemist Job Orders

Certified Flavorist – Chicago, IL area
We are a leading global supplier of ingredients and manufacturing solutions for the food, beverage and nutrition industries. By leveraging our broad in-house array of capabilities as well as years of industry expertise, we support our customers throughout the entire development process, taking their product or formulation idea from concept to completion. As a single-source partner, we strive to provide our customers with the utmost simplicity and flexibility in all their processes. Primarily responsible for technical activities associated with development of new and existing flavor lines. Apply flavors & fragrances development skills, project management skills to create and match new flavors as requested by our customers or to meet the strategies of Flavor & Fragrance Division. Perform all duties following established laboratory procedures and establish and document new procedures as necessary. Mentor Flavorist-In-Training thru flavorist certification process. Develop liquid and dry flavors to meet the requirements of project requests within a reasonable timeframe that meets the needs of our customer and divisional strategies. Provide direct and ongoing communication with customers and sales representatives regarding project tracking/status and completion timeline.Work in close alliance with Flavor Regulatory Department to include most current required supporting documents for raw materials including: Product Specification, Safety Data Sheet, Allergen Statement, Country of Origin, Kosher Certificate and Statement of Continuing Guarantee, and Nutritional and other documentation as deemed necessary. Participate in ongoing flavors training and professional organizations to stay current with new developments and trends in the flavor industry. This including routine tastings of aroma raw materials with the flavor group. Identify, source and maintain a library of raw materials both natural and synthetic to be used in the development of new flavors. Establish and foster relationships with raw material suppliers. Other duties as deemed necessary by President, Business Manager, or Senior Flavorist. Whether you are looking to hire executive management talent, or a career minded applicant seeking food science employment options, RFS can provide the placement services that you seek. This position is from flavor industry recruiters located in the Chicago area.

Food Scientist – California
Develop formulas and prototypes with ingredients and systems including starches and hydrolysis products thereof, soluble and insoluble fibers, acidulants, nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners. Work directly with customers to develop high quality, cost effective solutions. This job requires a food science degree. Execute projects in a statistical and scientific manner to assure technical success. Maintain an up to date knowledge of trends within the area of responsibility (market segment) and anticipate customer needs. Support development of new ingredients in cooperation with the Innovation and Commercial Development teams.

PhD Analytical Chemist – Chicago, IL
Drive continuous improvement in methods to improve accuracy, throughput and reduce hands on time, investigate and benchmark worldwide best methodologies. Actively participate in commercial, scale-up field testing and validation of laboratory and online process analyzers at company’s demonstration and commercial global sites. Adapt and develop new methods for utilization of these measurement systems, as well as ongoing maintenance and calibration. Understand R&D project analytical needs, interpret complex scientific data, and clearly communicate results to diverse stakeholders. Perform online and offline GC and GC-MS analyses on a variety of sample types for a diversity of R&D applications. *Travel, nationally and internationally, up to 30% as needed.  This position is from flavor headhunters located in Chicago Illinois.

SCI Researcher (Sensory & Consumer Insights) – Philadelphia, PA
This position assists the manager of the sensory and consumer insights department.  This department is responsible for supporting product development projects through difference paneling, descriptive profiling, and consumer research.  Overall function of this position is to provide valid and reliable information to product developers (Flavorists and Applications Food Technologists) and customers related to sensory evaluation.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to leading descriptive panels, recommending appropriate sensory panels to support key project opportunities, data analysis, panel design, survey and questionnaire development, and communicating and reporting study results.  Other responsibilities include assisting the department manager where needed. Assist in determining flavors & fragrances to be tested and communicate decisions to Flavor Chemists, Applications and/or Account Managers. In the absence of a sensory lab technician, be responsible for the upkeep of the sensory lab supplies and testing materials. Work with Applications/Product Development to suggest suitable flavor tonalities to use in different applications (based on screening and description). Manage descriptive analysis projects (conduct training and recruit panelists, design tests, data analysis, report writing and graphing results). Schedule tests and maintain Sensory testing calendar. Conduct internal panels such as discrimination,  affective, descriptive. Assist with consumer research projects.

Product Development & Innovation Associate – Chicago, IL
The Product Development & Innovation Associate will be a critical role in helping to develop products. The position will report up to our VP of Manufacturing and Commercialization, and will work on both new and existing products. Identifying and partnering with outside food scientists to gain additional expertise as necessary. A degree in food science or related field is required. Channeling creative ideas and solutions from across to organization to improve the flavor, texture, nutrition, quality, or cost profile of products. Partnering with the CEO to develop new recipes, identify iterations, and solve potential recipe challenges. Working with the Procurement Manager to source and test unconventional natural ingredients to help solve for product parameters.

Analytical Chemist – California
The QC Analytical Chemist position requires above average chemistry, math and computer knowledge.  Basic college courses in those areas are required. This position performs chemical instrumental and microbiological testing of raw materials, in-process and on finished products, with emphasis on details, organization and communication. It requires understanding of process and product. Generate and review Raw Material Specifications (RMS), Certificates of Analysis (C of As) and Finished Product Specifications (FPS). Perform Environmental Monitoring procedures testing, and reporting. Support other quality control functions such as sampling, data mining, physical inspection and specification generations.

Food Chemist – Los Angeles, CA
The Food/Formulation Chemist will ensure product and project specifications; scope and budget parameters are met on time; first time through applied research, ingredients, formulation, and process technology development for ongoing analytical studies and performs basic statistical analysis of scientific findings. The Chemist will develop protocols for research studies and evaluates alternate methodologies to be used, and conducts/analyzes research studies for formulating liquid concentrates and or drinks from lipophilic compounds. Prepares research findings and supporting data for peer journal publication, oral presentation, or other dissemination and archiving. Lead development and approval of product design specifications, food safety & quality standards and manufacturing process parameters. Reviews publications and databanks for new research findings and correlates with laboratory research findings in participating studies. Strong working knowledge of experimental design & product development protocols (from concept to execution), including formulation, stability testing, product/package interaction, sensory and consumer testing methodology. Developed new products spanning the food and beverage industry from all stages: concept development, formulation to commercialization. Provide regular updates to cross functional teams in a concise format to include status, challenges, issue resolution and ensure success of the programs. Whether you are looking to hire executive management talent, or you are a career minded applicant seeking food science employment options, Rose Fanta Search can provide the placement services that you seek. This position is from a Chicago food science recruiter.

Flavorist – Chicago, Illinois
This position requires strong technical knowledge of process reaction flavors, spray drying and liquid compounding. Ability to work in a team environment to drive efficiencies and quick resolutions to satisfy customer orders. Highly self-motivated, demonstrate good project management skills, quality minded, customer focused and effectiveness in communication. Completes flavor assessments in timely fashion to meet or exceed customer ship dates. Communicates effectively to keep Quality Manager, Production and Customer Services Manager updated on any delays or difficulties in resolving the issue before due date. Collaborates with R&D, Purchasing, Quality, Regulatory, Planning, Production, Sales and other department teams to ensure Savory customer’s orders are shipped on time reducing the number of recommits. Directly interacts with Quality Manager to understand “root” cause for any customer complaints or flavor rejections and develops a plan of preventative action to resolve. Establishes and maintains good database records on formula history, yields, scale-up issues. Established internal flavor training for QC panel, plant compounders/operators, and new hires. Maintains a safe and professional laboratory environment; complies with government and company safety directives. This position is from flavor headhunters that are located in the Milwaukee area.

R&D Technologist – Chicago, Illinois
Development and commercialization of new products and existing products. Work with customer and team from concept through commercialization of new products. Work under R&D Project Manager’s supervision. Make product samples for customer. Work with customers on the floor as required for commercialization of new products. Evaluate and record all shelf study research. Maintain library of past and current projects. Provide production team with direction to commercialize products. Determine formulas, processing procedures and equipment use for new products. Check packaging for all labeling claims. Support quality team, production manager, supervisors and staff as needed. Food science jobs experience is required. Complete Heat Penetration Studies for all new and revised products and as needed. Work with customers and 3rd parties to generate and verify accurate nutritional panel and ingredient statements for package. This position is from a Chicago based food and beverage manufacturing recruiter. Whether you are looking to hire executive management talent, or are a career minded applicant seeking employment options, Rose Fanta Search can provide the placement services that you are seeking.

Culinary Technologist – California
Assist in the development of food applications across multiple product categories in support of sales and flavor lab sales initiatives. This position requires culinary and food science knowledge and creativity to successfully execute projects. Good organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple projects are exercised to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner. Contribute to input on food/beverage/cultural trends and culinary concept ideation is required. Works with Chemists to further flavors and fragrances creation efforts. Screens flavors in application, checks flavor stability in applications and creates gold standards as necessary. Requires three plus years of food applications work and good computer skills (Office, Work, Excel and PowerPoint). Maintains equipment, keeps laboratory clean and orderly, maintains supplies and prepares demonstrations for shipping. Suggests innovative concept ideas for new applications and new flavors by staying informed of the current food and beverage trends and latest product ideas via print media, social media, internet, marketing service providers, trade shows, restaurants, food trucks, food culture and internal concept idea sessions. Develops high quality flavor application demonstrations in a timely manner, working in a collaborative team environment, to lead and support customer presentations and trade shows. Performs other duties as required.