Split Fee Recruitment Network

Food Manufacturing, Food Science & CPG

   The RFS Split Fee Network is a recruiter split fee network that specializes in the areas of: food manufacturing, food science, and CPG (consumer packaged goods), and flavor industry recruiting.  To join our network, please fill out the below form.  This network and RFS website represents old fashioned networking mixed with new high tech internet networking. RFS founder Rose Fanta started her career at a big Chicago area search firm (CPS), where she enjoyed the ability to split with other recruiters at the firm. Since starting her own company twenty plus years ago, Rose and RFS have always embraced the networking and split fee approach.  By completing the below form you will be applying to join the Food Recruiters RFS Network; membership in this network will allow you to split fees with RFS recruiters, both as an Applicant Side Recruiter and a Job Order Side Recruiter.  As a Job Order Side Recruiter, you will have access to the RFS Google Ranking Jobs Boards (see below).  NOTE: In the future Recruiters RFS will be expanding our network software to allow network members to split fees amongst each other and not just with RFS.

If you are already a member of the network and wish to place a job order then go to the Network Members page.  If you wish to send applicants to Recruiters RFS then Email: foodrecruitersrfs@gmail.com or call 708.485.3535

   To apply for Network membership please fill out the below form, and we will contact you to discuss any questions that you have; network membership is on an individual recruiter basis, so multiple recruiters from one recruiting company may apply:

Split Fee Recruiting with RFS

    Our Recruiters Network is based on a simple ideal; we want recruiters who are smart enough to realize that maintaining ethical behavior within the network is in their own long term interests. If, after completing the above form, you are approved to join the network then you will be able to engage in split fee recruiting with RFS Recruiters; you will be put on our opt in Email list and sent Emails listing our existing job orders that are open to split fees (from RFS recruiters). Also you will be allowed to place your job orders as split fee job orders with RFS, which includes placing your job order on our google ranking jobs boards.  In the future we will be expanding our network software to allow recruiting firms to split fee with each other in a safe and trusting environment (i.e. if Recruiters RFS is Recruiter A then Recruiter B will be able to engage in split fees with Recruiter C).

Google Ranking Jobs Boards

RFS maintains Google Ranking Jobs Boards for terms such as food manufacturing jobs, food science jobs, cpg jobs (consumer packaged goods), and flavor jobs. Having these job boards not only increases the ability of RFS to function as an Applicant Side Recruiter that finds well qualified candidates for your open job orders (on a split fee basis), but having these jobs boards means that RFS maintains a rich on going database of applicants in food manufacturing, food science, flavor and consumer packaged goods industries.

A Message from RFS Founder Rose Fanta

     My vision is simple; to develop the kind of technology that the big jobs boards have, and bring this technology to a network of recruiters that work with each other in a fair and ethical manner to benefit all; that is why we have developed our Google Ranking Jobs Boards for our website. Our recruiters network is focused on the areas of: food manufacturing jobs, food science jobs, flavor jobs, and consumer packaged goods jobs.  Our site is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform for lightening fast speed; this gives our website access to the same infrastructure that Google uses in all their products including Google Search. We want to give recruiters a way to fight back against the big job boards that presently are taking a lot of business away from recruiters. Our strategy is the simple old saying of “if you can’t beat them join them”; while taking on the big jobs boards may seem a herculean task it really is not. You see google loves niche specific websites; that is why a jobs boards site like Indeed.com can outrank a higher authority site like Wikipedia.com for a search term such as “mechanical engineering jobs”, however, for google the more niche specific that you are the better you rank, thus EngieeringJobs.com will rank even higher than Ineed.com for the search term “mechanical engineering jobs” even though Indeed.com is a more authoritative and larger site than EngineeringJobs.com. In the foods manufacturing job industry you have a niche site such as careersinfood.com that does well, and in the CPG Jobs industry you have cpgjobs.com; however both of this sites lack good SEO site siloing and good SEO landing pages; thus they only mostly rank with their home page. We have built our site to have good siloing and landing pages for additional rankings. We are also taking advantage of recent Google job search technology such as Google Job Postings Schema For Job Search Inclusion to help us dominate local searches one area at a time; this technology uses semantic web schema markup to post individual jobs at the top of search engine results pages; we consider this new technology a “game changer” that will allow niche specific jobs boards such as ours an even bigger advantage over the generalized jobs boards. You see, most people do not go directly to jobs boards for their results (boards such as Ineed.com, Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, etc.); instead most job hunters go to the search engines (google, bing, yahoo). Getting the right applicant for the job is becoming more and more simply about Google rankings (and Bing and Yahoo), both the free organic rankings and the paid google and bing ads. Such technology can get complicated, but our network makes it possible for your company to utilize this technology by placing your job order with RFS (as a split fee job order). We at RFS base our business on “old fashioned” values: networking in an honest ethical manner, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes long term business sense.  

The Future of Food Recruiters RFS Network

    At RFS, we see our new website, as a first step in the technology sector; this site will continue to evolve to serve the needs of RFS, our client employers, and the recruiters in our network. In the future we will add the ability of network recruiters to split fees with each other (along with software that keeps track of successful splits so that recruiters can judge who is a recruiter that they can trust).
   There was a story in the news recently about a man who worked on a self driving vehicle for a DARPA military Artificial Intelligence Contest (build a better self driving vehicle contest; with the technology being developed for self-driving military vehicles). In the story the man talked about how in the past few years he was working on this self driving vehicle project while his young son was growing up. When his son was at the age that he was crawling the test vehicle was also at a crawling speed, and about the time his son started walking the test vehicle was able to navigate safely at human walking speed, and about the time his son started to run around the vehicle was safely navigating at human running speed; and now the test vehicle is just getting to where it can run safely (around a course) at speeds faster than any human can run. While we at RFS are proud of our new freshly launched website and proud of our history of “old fashioned networking recruiting” we also view this website as just in the “crawling stage”; ours is a bold vision that will allow the recruiters in our network to use more and more of the technology that we develop. While we consider our present site to be just in the “crawling stage” right now, we are quickly expanding our technology and our network and website and will be entering the “full out running” technology phase soon, while evolving in a steady evolutionary way; we invite your recruiting company to network with us and share our new technology; as we like to say at RFS, Give us a try, we promise that you won’t be disappointed!
   To join go to the above form and fill it out.